While we opened our doors to the community in October 2020, the journey to build a safe indoor shooting range began long before that. We found ourselves in search of a local public indoor shooting range to perfect our marksmanship and in 2012, we received approval to build Recoil. Family owned and operated, we understand the importance of safety. That is why our top priority in constructing Recoil was, and continues to be, safety for our customers, our team, and our families.

Here at Recoil, we believe that practice and knowledge is the key to firearms safety. We understand that not everyone will be able to shoot often enough to justify a yearly membership. As such, we offer plenty of options including monthly memberships, senior weekday memberships, as well as hourly lane rentals. Our goal is have our customers be informed, practice, and familiarize themselves with their firearms even if it is just a few times a year.


When designing Recoil, we decided to make it a family friendly range. We allow shooters 10 years old and up. With a cozy fireplace and viewing windows inside the waiting area, you can bring your friends and family to watch you shoot, even if they don’t want to join you inside the range.

Our staff is friendly and approachable with any questions you may have whether they are about the facility, shooting, or your firearms.

Shooters of all skill levels are welcome here.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 (Ten) years old with an adult.

Yes, but only using 00 buck shot or slugs. Shotguns also must be shot on a target with a minimum size of 23″x35″.

A firearms ID card is required for the main shooter in the lane. If you are a guest of the shooter, a firearms ID card is not needed.

No, we are not permitted to sell ammunition or firearms. You must bring your own.

No, we are not permitted to rent firearms. You must bring your own.

Absolutely, our facility is on 1 level with low grade room transition for easy wheelchair access.

Yes, you can rent them as a pair or separate.

No, green tip ammunition and other ammunition such as tracers, armor piercing or steel core are not allowed. These types of ammunition could cause damage to our facility.

We allow pistols, shotguns, and rifles up to and including .308 caliber. We do not allow air pistols/rifles or shotguns without a stock (Shockwave style).

At this time, reservations are not needed. It is on a first come, first serve basis. We will continue to assess our lane management and if reservations are needed in the future we will have a system in place.

We have 15 lanes that go up to 25 yards.

Any annual membership can add a family add-on for $85 with the same residence as the member (proof of address is required). The prime member almost must be present for their family members to be allowed to shoot.

You can go to the NJ State Polices and fill out the forms.